In the words of Sigmund Freud; “Words have magical power. They can either bring the greatest happiness or the deepest despair.”

Raise your words, not voice!

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Writing from the core, I swear I’m not lying.
Scampering away from life, though not dying.
Complicated shit inside head, damn refrain.
These ain’t lines, but the feelings I framed.
The two way journey, one full of prosperity, other of dejections.
Rejected the former, rejected the affections.
Wishing back the old good times, no more devastations.
Fate met irony, the temperament frustrations.
Perhaps the worse, I’m trapped.
Let the consequences colloid, I’m capped!

Lucid dream!✨

Her picture, being old in my dreams.
Though difficult, yet identified.
Such an ecstasy, persona amplified.
Pure soul, beauty glorified.
Good in lies, still difficult to hide.
Eyes saying a lot, empathy thrived.
Fallen again for her, being resistive, I strived.
Can’t hold back, the best I tried.
Yeah, I agreed, true love never dies!

She owe me nothing!

She, being the moonlight of my darkness helped me lighting my life of misery and resentments with the light of contentment and pleasure.

She awaken me from the grave of sorrows, helped me against all odds.

She made me realise what true love is. It’s because of her, I started living again. I started visualising the life using the glasses of gratitude. I started empathizing. Infact, I evaluated the real meaning of life.

Yes , she owe me nothing but I owe her everything!


The writings of Kabir were far beyond the simple level of understanding. His two lines can be broken down at different levels with different aspects and different meanings and that was the beauty of his writings. Though seems simple but at a philosophical level, you can’t find anything deeper than that and maybe that’s the reason Kabir was able to revolutionize the stuff. The most famous and the most influential doha, which literally had a great impact on my life is;

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय ।
जो दिल खोजा आपना, मुझसे बुरा न कोय ।।

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Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!
Cold breeze blown, Time stopped.
Eyes in contact, comprehension blocked.
Body became numb, no sensations alive.
It’s gonna difficult, bringing soul back to life.
Desires arouse, resulting Infatuation.
Unable to express, resulting segregation.
Still a hope alive, another day, again a sight.
And the cycle on repeat, repeat and repeat.

Handling Failure.

So, I’ve been witnessing a number of people undergoing the trauma of failures. Escaping from the consequences of failure is never an option. Infact failure is not something meant to run from. We need to face it, learn from it and progress. That’s the cycle of life.

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