Screwed up!

You lose your individuality everytime you try to imitate others.

You push yourself into the well of misery in order to maintain the social standards.

You literally suffer everytime you try to comprehend the shit that has no significant role in your life.

And finally you end up being screwed in order to please everyone.

That’s the circle of self depreciation. Try to avoid the same.

That Frozen Time!✨

And holding her hand under the roof of stars.
With a spark of euphoria, contentment in her eyes.
In love with her flaws, accepted her imperfections.
Prioritising her, the only one I emphasize.
Time frozen, our souls in conversation.
The separation now not worthy, though endurance is real.

A positive Vibe!

Still engaged with your shadows in my dreams,
Just can’t resist my isolated feelings.
Living in the illusion of our false beliefs,
It’s your smile, that blesses me relief.
Everytime my heart craves for your laughter,
Some positivity surrounds me,
Is it a sign of love or some optimistic vibe,
Well, I’m unaware and wanna let this feeling alive.

A confused state of mind!✨

I took my heart and placed it in a box.
I locked the box and thrown the key away.
I was happy of being not fallen in love again.
And then she entered my life and everything changed.
The Dreaden feelings and emotions started developing again.
A state of euphoria developed that was occupied by my pain.
My state of mind reached the heights without mushrooms, without cocaine.
I started appreciating the love, though not trained .
I intentionally never wanted to do the same, I refrained.
And again I entered that stage of life, I always blamed.
Maybe it’s reality of life, I can’t run from.
Maybe it’s a planned destiny, I can squinch fun from.

~ Kashish Gupta

An Ultimatum!✨

Trying to overcome my misery,
In a purpose of finding a new life.
How I’m getting influenced,
The shit is too complicated to describe.
Neither time in my favour nor the destiny,
My past hitting me hard with all his tyranny.
Amazing transformation from bad to the worse,
It was difficult to explain, hence writing in a verse.
Too much to express but the words are limited,
Desires are many but results are forfeited.
In the end, everything gonna vanish and I am aware of it,
A soothing breeze with the calmness of ashes and everything befit.

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